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Here at Velvet we use Lycon Hot Wax. This is used at a low temperature removing hair as short as 1mm in the most pain free and pliable way. We have a different price range for different styles of bikini, ranging from a standard bikini to a Hollywood (all hair removed). Contact us for a Free Consultation now, and we will go through options with you!

*Patch test required *


Standard Bikini
(A tidy up – removal of hair
from outside the panty line)
(Also called Extended Bikini wax.
This is a high leg bikini wax,
removing hair on the bikini line
and the inner thigh. This is
suitable for high-cut underwear
or swimwear)
(Also called a Thong wax. This is
a very tight bikini wax which leaves
a thin strip of hair (2-3 finger width) from the front of the bikini on to
the lips (labia). All hair from the
bum is removed)
Brazilian / Hollywood
(Rebook Every 4 Weeks Maintenance Price)
(This treatment leaves hair on the
front in either a strip or
mini-triangle shape. All the hair
from the lips (labia) and bum is removed)
(This removes all hair from the
pubic area and bum)
Add half leg to any bikini €17
Add full leg to any bikini €20


Eyebrow/Lip/Chin €11
Lip and chin €17
Sides of face €15
Under arm €16
Half arm €17
Full arm €27
Half leg €22
Full leg €35
Stomach / Neck €11


Eyebrow wax €11
Eyebrow/Lip threading €17
Eyebrow tint €11
Eyelash tint €16
Eyebrow wax, Eyebrow tint & Eyelash tint €28
Eyebrow threading, Eyebrow tint & Eyelash tint €30
Pro-Brows (3 easy steps sculpt your eyebrows like never before; includes consultation and measuring, requires patch
test 24 hours prior to the treatment)
Henna brows
(50% off any waxing when added to this treatment) Henna is 100% NATURAL. Its formula helps to strengthen and restore hair growth along with filling in any sparse areas in order to help you achieve that dream brow. Henna lasts 3-5 weeks depending on your skin