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In Velvet salons we have a variety of spray tans available, with developing times as quick as 2 hours! Our two most popular brands at the moment are Suzanne Jacksons Dripping Gold in ultra dark – perfect for that bronzed look, or Belamianta, which is most popular for clients, looking for the signature golden tone to the skin. We take pride in the fact, that all our tans are vegan friendly and cruelty free tans!

Full Body Spray Tan €35

We recommend spray tans to be applied 24-48 hours prior an event. In order to prep for your spray tan please: exfoliate the body in the few days leading up to your spray tan, make sure to have no deodorant/perfume/lotions on the skin on day of appointment. Have all shaving waxing etc done 24/48 hrs previously.
Post tan application — no contact with water while tan is developing. Leave tan to develop for 8 hours.

After 8 hours shower (let water run clear) then pat yourself dry with towel. In order to maintain tan moisturise morning and evening for the remaining week. Please remember to bring loose clothing along with flip flops to your appointment. Happy tanning with Velvet Salons!