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Make up

Our Services & Prices

File & Polish-fingers/toes €17
Manicure €25
Pedicure €45
Everlasting Manicure €35
Acrygel €40
Refills-colour/French €45
Refills- any other €45
Full Set of Gels €55
Manicure + Pedicure €60
Little Princess Manicure €15

Take a few moments for our nail technicians to shape and buff the nails adding a colour from our wide variety of polishes available

30minutes of exntensive nail and cuticle work including a hydrating hand massage and application of a keratin base coat to strengthen the nails before adding a colour of your choice

Manicure everlasting (shellac)
A hybrid of gel and nail polish adding strength and durability to the nails that prevents chipping , this treatment includes all basics of a regular manicure. Applied like a polish the manicure everlasting is set immediately under a UV lamp so no drying time is required. It is a worry and smudge free treatment with guaranteed at least 2 weeks of high shine and chip free nails. The removal process doesn’t take long, the nails are soaked, reshaped and a layer of nail strengthener is applied.

A combination of gel polish and acrylic powder applied with base coat, adding strength to nails which also helps preventing splitting or protects already damaged nails. This treatment lasts longer than a regular shellac and unlike shellac not all of the base needs to be removed when getting them redone. Acrygel is applied to the natural nail although length can be added if required once it’s not too long. An ideal treatment for someone looking for strength but want something more natural than regular gel or acrylic nails

Gel nails
Can be applied as an overlay to natural nail for strength or an extension is added for extra length, A gel is applied to the nail and cures under a UV lamp. There is a wide variety of lengths and shapes available to choose from. Treatment will take 1hour 15 minutes
Your gel nails can last up to 3-4 weeks and then we advise a refill where the regrowth, length, shape and colour are all changed. To preserve the health of your natural nails we advise not removing gel nails yourself. Removal requires use of a professional nail drill and can take up to 45 minutes

Here in Velvet we provide make up application for every occasion, whether it be your special wedding day or a night on the town with the girls- Velvet has got you covered! You will leave loooking and feeling your best. We use high quality make up brand such as MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills just to name a few, so your make up will stay flawless day and night. Make up application also includes lash application if desired for a more dramatic look, and can be added to one of our special occasion packages.

Make-up Eyes Only (no lashes) €25
Make-up Eyes Only with Lashes €33
Make-up €45
Make-up & Lashes €50